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Marine Invaders

A variety of non-indigenous species (NIS), introduced as a result of human activities, are causing global and paramount economic and ecological problems in aquatic environments. Although recognized as great threats to natural communities and seriously compromising ecosystem services, sometimes NIS may represent useful resources. If explored, this action may represent a valid mitigation procedure to control the presence and abundance of some NIS.

Under the framework of EU’s project AMALIA, this session aims to discuss the last findings concerning technics used to detect this kind of biological pollution, quantify them, but also to address innovative methods used to measure the negative and positive impact of invasive species on the recipient environment (e.g., competition for space, interference on ecosystems food web, new resource item), as well as means to use invasive species information for a better use of this potential resource and/or mitigation.

High impact and quality works presented in this session will be further encouraged to submit their research to Ecological Indicators Journal “Marine Invaders – assessment and impact on aquatic ecosystems” Special Issue (SI).


• 11.00 | Registration for Participants
• 13.30 | Welcome coffee
• 14.00 | Oral presentations
• 15.30 | Coffee-break + Poster Session
• 16.30 | Oral presentations
• 18.00 | Peniche of honour farewell drink


  • Deadline for abstract submission | April 06, 2018 April 29, 2018 May 06, 2018
  • Notification of acceptance | April 29, 2018 May 13, 2018
  • Deadline for early registration | May 30, 2018


  • Participants are encouraged to submit original contributed papers, either for oral or poster presentation.
  • They should describe the substantive problem and the data analyzed, as well as the approach and models used. Also include a clear statement of the main results and conclusions.
  • Deadline for abstract submission | April 06, 2018
  • All abstracts should be written in English and according to the following instructions:
    • The title should be no longer than 200 characters, while the abstract is limited to 2500 characters (INCLUDING SPACES)
    • Abstract template is available here.
    • Abstracts should be sent to with the indication of preference for oral or poster presentation.
    • Abstracts will be available in this session main page.


  • Submissions will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee, and notification sent within three weeks of submission about acceptance.
  • Due to the limited number of oral presentations some authors who have submitted an abstract for an oral presentation might be asked to submit a poster presentation instead
  • Poster presentation: required dimension 120cm in height and 90cm of a width
  • The estimated time for each oral presentation is 15 minutes (12 min for presentation + 3 min for discussion)

:: Both poster and oral presentations will have the possibility to submit a full paper for publication in Ecological Indicators Journal ::