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:: Thursday 14th July 2016 :: Conference Day 1 ::

  • 08.30 Registration for Meeting Participants
  • 09.30 | Opening Session
  • 10.00 :: Biodiversity, Conservation and Coastal Management ::
    • PAOLO GUIDETTI | University of Nice – ECOMERS Laboratory .: Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean Sea: from their potential to reality :.

:: Biodiversity, Conservation and Coastal Management :: Oral Presentation ::

10.30 :: Sea level rise impacts on estuarine salt marshes – a multi-disciplinary approach | Bernardo Duarte, João C. Marques, Isabel Caçador

10.45 :: An ecological framework for the development of a national MPA network | David Abecassis, Pedro Afonso, Karim Erzini


:: Biodiversity, Conservation and Coastal Management :: Oral Presentation ::

11.30 :: Implementing sustainable marine and coastal management: challenges from the Portuguese MSP case | Catarina Frazão Santos, Francisco Andrade e Michael Orbach

11.45 :: Contrasting patterns of genetic structure between sister species along a biogeographic transition zone | Susana Almeida, Katy Nicastro, Gerardo Zardi, Gareth Pearson, Myriam Valero, Ester Serrão

12.00 :: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon pollution affects tissue fatty acid compositions in Holothuria scabra (Jaeger, 1833): A sea cucumber from Qeshm Island, Persian Gulf, Iran | Elham Kamyab, Julian Döring, Aida Khazaali, Andreas Kunzmann

12.15 :: Evidence for the long-term contribution of upstream agricultural practices and land use on the biodiversity and function of an estuary and adjacent coastal areas | Irene Martins, Zara Teixeira, Ana Marta Gonçalves, Ana Filipa Bessa, Helena Veríssimo, Pedro Vinagre, João C. Marques

12.30 :: Eco-physiological response of the kelp Laminaria ochroleuca to varying temperature and nutrients: implications under climate change | João Franco, Fernando Tuya, Iacopo Bertocci, Laura García, Brezo Martínez, Francisco Arenas

12.45 :: Assesing the effectivness of marine partially protected areas | Mirta Zupan, Eliza Fragkopoulou, Joachim Claudet, Karim Erzini, Bárbara Horta e Costa, Emanuel J.  Gonçalves

13.00 LUNCH

  • 14.00 :: Poster Presentation ::
  • 14.30 :: Oceanography and Maritime Technology ::
    • RAJESH NAIR | National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics (Sgonico, Italy) .: Observing the Ocean: the art & science of making marine measurements :.

:: Oceanography and Maritime Technology:: Oral Presentation ::

15.30 :: Modulation of sea surface temperature by Mississippi and Atchafalaya Rivers | Diego Fernandez-Novoa, Xurxo Costoya, Maite de Castro, Moncho Gómez-Gesteira

15.45 :: Measuring littoral surface currents with low-cost wave drifters | Diogo Mendes, Bruno Loureiro, Artur Rocha, António Silva

16.00 :: Fishing Areas Characterization: a demonstrative case of the SIMOcean platform | Luísa Lamas, Paulo Oliveira, José Pinto, Sara Almeida, Ricardo Deus, António Silva, Nuno Almeida

16.15 :: MODIS imagery as a tool to characterize Iberian river turbid plumes | Marisela Des Villanueva, Diego Fernández-Nóvoa, Maite de Castro, Renato Mendes, Moncho Gómez-Gesteira


  • 17.00 :: Fisheries and Management ::
    • JORDI VIÑAS | Ichthyology Laboratory of Genetics, Department of Biology, University of Girona .: Old and new genetics tools for old and new questions in fisheries management. Application in tuna and related species :.

:: Fisheries and Management :: Oral Presentation ::

17.30 :: Sea cucumbers as new marine resource in Europe | Mercedes González-Wangüemert, Jorge António Godino

17.45 :: Fisheries management through optimal sustainable policies with constant effort in random environments | Nuno Brites, Carlos A. Braumann

18.00 :: Polychaete annelids as live bait in Portugal: harvesting activity in estuarine systems | Sara Cabral, Ana Alves, Nuno Castro, Pedro Fidalgo e Costa, Erica Sá, João Castro, Luís Cancela da Fonseca, Paula Chainho, João Canning-Clode, David Picard, Ana Pombo, José Lino Costa

18.15 FILM PROJECTION :: The rhythm of the tides

20.30 MEETING DINNER :: MH Hotels – Peniche****

IMMR’16 had the support of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), through the strategic project UID/MAR/04292/2013 granted to MARE